Hi, my name is Meg, and I LOVE my dogs. I mean, really, really love my dogs.

I get that this isn’t unusual. A lot of people loooove their dogs. So why would I start a blog about it, when there are thousands of dog-themed blogs already out there?

It’s pretty simple, really. The short answer is: I want to help other people love their dogs as much as I love mine. And hopefully as a by-product of that, I can help more dogs – and their owners – enjoy happier, healthier lives. I’m passionate about people seeing the value of a strong relationship with their pet, and I believe that giving them the tools to understand, care for, and yes, maybe even spoil that pet will help make that happen. In turn, I believe this could help stem the growing tide of abandoned, unwanted, and misunderstood dogs that are languishing in shelters all over the world. (It’s a small drop in a very large bucket, to be sure… but it’s a drop nonetheless, and you’ve gotta start somewhere.)

And now for the second part… the “how”. I wanted to create a site that’s a resource for dog owners who may be overwhelmed with information, and who don’t have time to sift through 6,000 websites and Google results to find good, reliable advice*, products, training info and anything else of burning interest to a dog owner. I am gearing this towards the person who is new to dog ownership and all the joy (and sometimes heartache) it brings; but my hope is it becomes a place for all dog caretakers – new or otherwise – to find valuable, relevant content.

So I sincerely thank you for coming by, and for reading, and I hope you and I have a lot to chat about in the coming days, weeks, months and beyond.

In the meantime, start each day with a wagging tail –


*The disclaimer: I will never, ever recommend this blog, or any of the comments therein, as a source of reliable medical advice regarding your dog. It will be a topic that will be addressed for sure, and people are welcome to share what has worked for them personally… but I caution you to ALWAYS check with your vet with what you read about diet, health, supplements, etc. Anyone looking for advice about an urgent dog-health matter will be directed to consult a veterinarian – and any direct medical advice (unless from a certified dog health professional) will be deleted.

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